How do I receive notifications for each time someone pushes to a repository on Github?

On Windows 10, is there a way to receive real-time push notifications from Github every single time someone pushes a commit to a repository I am watching?
I’m having a hard time finding and understanding anything that explains how to do this.

I’m presuming that the repository is not one within your control, but one belonging to another project that is of interest to you?

Since you’re already watching, I think GitHub sends you a notification when there’s activity in the repo… so you should just be able to adjust your notifications.

In Github Notification Settings, there is no option available to be notified of a push to a repository.
See below all available options
With all of these enabled I tried asking someone to push to the watched repo and I did not receive a notification on GitHub.

There’s a separate section on the Notifications section of the profile, with a header of Watching which gives you the option of selecting Email and/or Web and Mobile notifications for repos you’re watching.

I have mine set to email, and I receive commit alerts by email. Perhaps your settings there are incorrect?