How do I read documentation effectively?



How do I read documentation effectively?


Some tips for reading technical documentation (focusing on JavaScript documentation) effectively:

  • Review terms that are unfamiliar - with JS documentation these may be JavaScript keywords like object, function, method, etc.
  • Use multiple sources! Main sources for JS concepts/reference/help include MDN, stackoverflow, and numerous tutorial sites.
  • Read the overview of the concept in question.
  • Make sure the source is up-to-date and/or check elsewhere to verify information.
  • Skim the documentation for specific concepts/keywords that are of interest to you - check out the examples and syntax associated with those keywords.
  • Make note to come back to the documentation for a concept’s associated keywords you may not be familiar with (and may not have time for at the moment).
  • If you have time/want to understand the concept more in-depth, read the entire document for the concept and check out any tutorials linked for the concept.