How do I message a user on forums?

How do I message another User on forums?
I’m new so i don’t know much about this website.

You can go here:

and then press the button that says: new message

for other users reading this, replace java2242275464 with your username. You can also click your profile image in the top right corner and double click the envelope icon.

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Where is the “new message” button?

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Might be trust level restricted:

User Trust Levels

although its not mentioned in the topic. You are currently add trust level 0 (New user), maybe PM/DM is disabled for that level, to prevent people from sending a lot of spam.

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what trust level do i have to be?

Not sure, maybe trust level 1 is enough? Should be easy to reach

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It is trust level related:

The PM feature should be available once you reach TL1, which is not too difficult. :slight_smile:

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just got a PM/DM from groot.

So it was trust level related, I scanned the topic to quickly and missed it


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