How do I make the "video is not supported text" appear?

Hello! May I ask how could I make the text "video not supported appear as the the text that says , ’ “Video not supported”, between the opening and closing video tags will only be displayed if the browser is unable to load the video. '? I tried modifying the source site, but only managed to stop the video from playing, and no text is shown. Thanks.

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Stopping the video is not the same as “video not supported” and you cant just say to your browser to stop supporting a certain thing i believe.

Why don’t you try an old version of internet explorer ? Never used it but i think they have terrible support for the new technologies since its not being updated anymore.
Big change Internet explorer does not run the video.

If it still does you probably wont see that message until you make an attempt on your own browser.

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You can sort of just type it underneath in the video element if I’m not mistaken. Look at the lessons. It does show examples. To only make it appear for the video would probably require JS however.