How do I make projects?

Hello! I was wondering…how do I make projects on here? I’m taking the Java course (I already know a bit of it and I’m a novice at HTML and CSS) and I’ve been having fun with variables and printing using the coding and terminal but I can only do stuff the course asks me to do.

Where can I make MY OWN projects (I want to make a simple calculator) on here? I’m on a chromebook if that info matters. Thanks!!

Hello @javalearner123982, welcome to the forums! If you want, there a many online compilers that allow you to run code in various languages. A good one is this:, as it allows you to easily save your code (you do need an account, though). Just search for the language you want.


Ah I’ve seen before but haven’t actually used it, not sure why. Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll be sure to use it :slight_smile: