How do I make a website?

I know HTML and CSS, and some friends and I are gonna work on a minecraft server. I am going to make a website for ranks and other ingame items, but how do I make the website to do that?
Here’s something similar to what I was thinking of doing. this minecraft server is already live

also, is this considered advertising? I’m just using it as an example

I know it might sound a little cheesy but actually Tumblr is a good way to start working on something like this because you can edit the whole blog code yourself while still being connected to the community. When you make a blog on there you can go in and program the whole thing yourself as well as getting templates from other users for reference. (the website uses HTML)
hope that helps :hugs:

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a lot of websites use HTML, the thing that makes them different is that they will use different CSS customizations, that’s what makes them seem like not formatted inHTML