How do I make a Python Program here?


I think that I know enough Python to make a program, but I don’t know where in Codecademy I can make it. Can anybody send me a link to there?


i wouldn’t make any python program on codecademy, codecademy is a learning platform to complete exercises.

If you want to do something on your own accord, install python on your computer. You also need a text-editor (pick something suitable like atom) to write the files which you can then execute with the python interpreter.

i on purpose didn’t put any links, go and use google to find out. This will teach you more then if i just provided the links

if you need further help, let me know


As stated above, you need install either Python 2 (Codecademy course use this version) or Python 3 (3.6 is the latest version).

You can install either a IDE (like PyCharm, Spyder, Jupyter Notebook) or text-editor (Atom, Sublime, Visual Studio Code) and start coding on your own.


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