How do I make a CSS comment?


I am writing my own code, but I blanked and now I can't remember the term for something. In html, if I want to say words without the text editor trying to interpret it, I just go <!-- whatever in here -->. I don't remember the name for this and I am trying to find out how to do it with CSS


It doesn't show up on here, but I am trying to show the text (<! -- text -->). This makes it so that I can say stuff on my document, without it actually appearing.


It's called a "comment" :wink:


To do it in css it would be

commment goes here 


It's a comment. It is only visible in the code and it wont show up on pages at all.

<!-- I'm a comment -->


/* So am I */

And in case you were wondering...

// Single line comment

/* Multi-line
comment */