How do I know when to use `<strong>` versus `font-weight: bold`?


How do I know when to use <strong> or font-weight: bold?

I now know that there are three ways the browser will interpret as “bold” - one, the <b> tag, is deprecated and not listed

According to my research, the <strong> tag should be used for importance and the font-weight: bold; rule should be for styling purposes because CSS is for styling


  1. Ask one codecademy forums discuss
  2. Create discussion
  3. Wait till an answer that what works for me is posted
  4. Reflect

CSS remains for styling/appearance and HTML remains for meaning.

I accept my hypothesis. I learned about the role of HTML tags vs CSS styling. I can apply this to font-style: italic vs. <em>. I want to know what else I am missing from this scientific method ‘controlled experiment’.


<strong></strong> and <em></em> indicate change of voice to screen readers, or an important phrase to search engines. They are not to be used for only visual purposes. That is where CSS can take over (or <b></b>, <i></i>).


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