How do I know when I am ready to move on?

I am taking the Web Dev course but this is related to any course, how do I know when I am ready to move to a new section? These courses are great but how does everyone decide whether or not they understand a section enough to take on a new lesson or keep practicing. Each section only offers a couple practice projects. Does anyone have any input on what I can do to get more practice projects or suggestions to test myself? Thanks in advance.


Hi @jays1811, I feel the same. I’m not taking the Web Dev course though.
Honestly, I move on when I feel like I have a decent grasp on the concept being taught. Usually to practice I go on CodeWars, they have amazing challenges that really test you. Codecademy also has some challenge projects to do, they pop up every once in a while.
If the above aren’t enough for you, I suggest thinking of ways to use what you’ve learned for everyday life problems.
For example, I had to find spanish sentences containing a certain word, guess what I did? Searched up web parsing and created a small Python program to help me with that.
At the end of the day, I think it’s about learning and using as much as you can!
Hoped this helped!


Thank for the reply, I am going to check CodeWars out.

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