How do I know my level?

My question is: How do I know what my current level of programming is compared to other professioanls? How should I improve? How do I even realize that I have a problem in a certain field?

The vast majority of courses are beginner-friendly and I did surpass that level a while ago… However, the intermediate/pro level are either too specific, or not that much different from the basics, so I am stuck as there is no guided path to further ‘school’ learning. Now I am just drifting around wondering how to improve… Please, get me right - I do learning-by-doing a lot, but there is only so much you can do, so this technique has exhausted itself for me (at least this is the way I see it right now).

A little backround on the nature of the question: I used to be a professional sportsman and one of the key elements of being successful at tournaments is knowing your level, your weaknesses and the ways to improve on it. With IT, and I want to narrow this down to Web Development only, it is very difficult. I am currently building a platform, it is 99% ready. It has all the functuonality you would expect to see on a modern platform plus some additional unique features. The design is the modern-standard - nothing out of the box. The database set up also follows modern convention principals. Surprisingly, I used basic knoweledge only of relevant fields to complete the entire project - nothing outstanding from programming point of view. I was wondering what can be improved from the business perspective and after thinking for weeks I am confident to say - nothing. It does exactly what it should. Now, my frustration comes from the following: if I told any of you what the platform should do, you would be able to do exactly the same project at the same quality benchmark, the only variable would be the time spent on this project. But how do I become better - I mean I do not see the point in improving fruther because I already accomplished everything I wanted.

Thank you for making it to the end. I hope the origin of my question is clear.
Any answers would be greatly appreciated.

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