How do I join my cohort?

I’m about finished with the HTML portion of Front-End engineering but I still haven’t been given access to my cohort.

I’ve tried to log out of forums and my Codecademy account and that hasn’t resolved the issue.


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FWIW I’m the same, I’ve almost finished the front-end path, yet I still get the “Continue on your path to join your cohort” message. As a potential alternative, you should have been added to a forums group with people who entrolled at a similar time (something like Group 100 2022 for example) which should also be linked on the path page.

Happy coding!

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Might be worth a bug report :slight_smile:


Good shout, I’ll pass it on, thanks @mirja_t! :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah I’ve not seen anything related to a forums group, so if we could escalate this to the right folks that would be great.

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This is essentially how mine looks I’m just in the beginning stages.

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It’s been escalated and is being investigated.


I don’t even see that anywhere on my page. How do I join?

Awesome thank you for the update!