How do I install gems into Gemfile?


I have no idea what to do at this point. I was brought to this project via the Ruby on Rails course and I feel like I've been dropped on the deep end. What do I do here?


I agree about being dropped into the deep end. However, at the very beginning of the Ruby on Rails course it very vaguely explains this step.

I am not quite sure of all the technical mumbo jumbo behind it, but I do know that to install the gems into gemfile, you go to the terminal section and type:

bundle install

Then press enter and let it do it's magic.

Pretty easy, but I will repeat, I think this course needs a revamp. I don't like the way it's setup at all, especially when you get to the point where it just lets you do whatever you want and mark it as complete, without checking the accuracy of the project.


I totally agree with you, at first, at the Ruby course, sometimes it pissed me off only because I change some string content (showing errors even if I changed a single character!)

Just got into this Rails course and it's weird the way they kind of say 'yo, do the things listed below and mark them as you do them', it should be a little more intuitive/helpful in this point, I miss the "Stuck? Get a hint" button, haha