How do I install anaconda in windows 10

Hi everyone now I’m in the Reggie’s Linear Regression project at Data Science Path. I don’t have any idea how to run and install the anaconda, can anyone enlight me how to do so? I installed many times before but I don’t know how to download anaconda from command line

Why do you want the command line installer? Just go here, click “Windows”, then either 32-bit or 64-bit Graphical Installer.

Look here, or elsewhere as directed by Dr. Google, for information on accessing the Anaconda command prompt.

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Yes I installed but my command prompt doesn’t detect my anaconda or python as well

If you type “anaconda” in search, does it come up?

Yes it came , what should I do next? I follow the tutorial from datacamp also can’t work

Ok, what exactly do you want to do? Go to Jupyter notebook?

Imagine @patrickd314 to be a well of infinite knowledge that you can drop a bucket into and pull up answers from.

If you stand next to the well with a bowl waiting for it to be filled you’ll get nothing and you’ll wait a long time. (“What should I do next”)

If you describe what you’re doing, what you see as a result, and what you expected instead, then you’re very likely to get back what you’re looking for. If you throw your bucket poorly and miss the well then you’ll get dirt instead, so aim well.

Google/equivalent is also a really good well. In particular, it lets you throw a LOT of buckets into it all at once and get immediate responses, enabling you to throw buckets in all kinds of directions until you find what you want.


Yes I want to be able to access my jupyter notebook because I want to try the Reggie’s Linear Regression project

Yes sorry bro I didn’t define and specify what I wanted to do next, apologize for that and it’s a good advice too for me for the learning purpose. Thanks a lot bro

Create a folder called regression_project (or anything you want to call it), download the file Reggie_Linear_Regression_Skeleton.ipynb and put it into that folder, then double-click on the file. It takes about 20 seconds to open in a browser.

But what exactly stops you? What does your screen look like at the point where you don’t know how to proceed?
Maybe you’re following some list of steps, and one of them fails, then you might share the list and show in what way it fails.
Presumably such a list of steps would be something like opening some interface for anaconda, getting it to install jupyter, and then running jupyter.
There are half a million (no less, I swear, it’s scary) tutorials/videos on how to get jupyter up and running - they all have something to say about what to do next don’t they?
The goal is almost to get other people to tell you that you’re sharing too much information, let them know the color of your shoes. Whoever you’re asking needs to understand what your situation is, it takes some describing to get there.