How do I insert my own images that reside on my computer?


I don't want to use images from another website, but rather my own photographs—and they do not have a URL. I'm a beginner, and have sailed through the first couple of lessons here, but ran into a snag when I tried to insert my image at "Adding Images" in the HTML & CSS classes. Is there someplace online I'm supposed to put my images so that they suddenly have a URL?


You already gave the answer question, you can upload your picture somewhere (google drive, dropbox, printsrc, and many more) then copy the location of the image, use them in the exercise

The second option you have, is not to use your photos in the exercise, but rather make your own projects on your own computer, in that case it is fairly simple to add the images to the html files


stetim94 told me about xampp and he said that it sets up a webserver in your lan, maybe that well work? And also maybe apache. sort of amateur with this stuff, so yeah.
Please correct me if I'm wrong with any of the above content.

#4 is a pretty simple way to upload and then have a URL for your image.


xampp = apache + php and more. Apache is more pre-configured then just an apache install



Do you have any opinions on which one is better?


That depends, xampp is easier to get started with. Setting it up manually (installing apache, php, database) will give you a better understanding. Take your pick


I would say apache, php, and database.


Thanks to everyone who is chiming in on my query. As a beginner at HTML code though, I don't know what any of these things you are referring to actually are or do, so it would be very helpful if you could say, in as plain language as possible, what these things are, why and how they will turn a jpeg image into a file that includes a URL. I am an artist and writer, working on both a 12"MacBook OS10.10.5 and a 15"MacBook Pro. Two years ago I hired someone to set up a WordPress website for me, using native WordPress template theme TwentyTwelve, for which he created child-themes. Now I'm trying to set up a second website, using a template designed for WordPress but by a team outside WordPress. I know creating child-themes was advised, which is what led me to CodeAcademy. I had hoped the CodeAcademy help forum to answer beginners' queries in a way that beginners can understand. Again, I really appreciate your efforts to help me, and hope that you will try again with a little more explanation. Thanks so much!


Well, actually, i think that is part of the problem. This is more complex then it seems. I am going to leave wordpress out of the picture for now.

Now, lets say i want to use a image i have on my computer in the codecademy exercise, i have a problem, because codecademy doesn't have access to my files. (for good reasons, if they did, everyone with a internet connection could access your/my files which are on the computer, not such a good idea)

So what do we need? We need to upload the picture to a location the internet has access to. So for example prnt. You can upload your image, and they will store it for you in a location the internet can access.

Which mean if you copy this location, and use it in an exercise.

Hm... i don't think i did a very good job at explaining here, i am thinking how to explain this without making this to complex.

I will think if i can come up with something better tomorrow