How do I get a backtick on mac?

I’m at the stage in variables where they teach about backticks. This is really baffling me. ` <---- That is a backtick, right? My code was as follows.
console.log(‘My name is {myName}. My favourite city is {myCity}’)
That just printed {myName} in the console instead of the variable assigned to it (I just haven't shown the variable). When I check the solution, it looks absolutely identical to what I've written but {myName} isn’t regarded as a string. What can I do?

Are you using a standard US layout keyboard? As far as I know macs use the same layout as any other keyboard, with the backtick being right above the TAB key.

Based on your code:

console.log(‘My name is {myName}. My favourite city is {myCity}’)

It looks like you are not using a backtick

No I’m using a mac UK layout keyboard. ± and § are above my tab.I looked up how to get a backtick on mac. It said to do alt + \ but that just got me « and it doesn’t work in my code. (Also, I realise I forgot $ before {myName} in my post but it’s in my code)

what does the highlighted key produce?


Got it. Thanks. I had tried using that key before but hadn’t realised that it replaced quotation marks. I thought it simply was like ${myName}. Thanks for the help!

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Happy that we could figure it out! While searching on google, I found that “back tick” might be the American name for a “backquote”. Searching for how to type a backquote on a UK layout keyboard is how I found the solution :+1: