How do I format code in my posts?

Codecademy Discuss posts are parsed with Markdown. Markdown allows for easy formatting of code and text, and strips HTML out of posts by default to prevent security risks. This will show you how to format your code so it shows up.


To format code so it’s visible, either wrap it in single backticks for a small amount of code, or triple backticks on an otherwise blank line before and after for a large amount of code.


Inline code

To indicate a small span of code, wrap it in backticks (`). For example:

How do I use the `console.log()` function?

would produce:

How do I use the console.log() function?

Code Blocks

Toolbar Icon
Using Preformatted Text icon on the toolbar

This will automatically create a code block which you can paste your code in.
Or select your code and then press the icon.


To indicate a code block, either wrap the entire block in three backticks:

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <!-- metadata and external resources-->
    <!-- page content -->

Or you can indent the code with four (4) spaces:

    <!DOCTYPE html>
        <!-- metadata and external resources-->
        <!-- page content -->

The first produces:

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <!-- metadata and external resources-->
    <!-- page content -->

The second produces:

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <!-- metadata and external resources-->
    <!-- page content -->

For more information on Markdown Formatting, visit

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