How do I do this?

I am making a little project called “Potion Clicker” and I am wondering if there is a way to make it so
when I click on the potion (It’s an img tag) the 0 will become 1 and every time you click it goes +1 up?

Sorry I woke up really bad, so my grammar is not that good right now…

this is possible, do you use vanilla js or a library like jquery? Using jquery would make things easier

you need to add a click event, get the value from the element, and increase it by one and update the DOM

what code do you have so far?


Is it possible you could show me examples of the vanilla js and the jquery?

I have no code right now, I have tried multiple times but have failed so I removed those code so I could do new scripts.

i can help with your existing code, but writing code from scratch is exactly a programmers job, which is a paid job. I think there is quit a difference there

you should decide if you want to use (vanilla) JS or jquery, once you have some code, i can push you in the right direction


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