How do I do 11/13, html


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Can anyone please just copy and paste your code here,html 11

this is for school, but i can’t figure it out, i am bad at it, and my teacher won’t help me much

The entire point of this website is to learn. Not have people write code for you. If you have a question about the code in the lesson, post what you have, and state where you are having trouble. Also include any errors that you may have.

I have read the guidelines it was forbidden this kind of post . Perhaps those who read this post will tell us more about it. What you can do is tell us where you’re stuck and we try to help you. It is only in this way that you can learn and progress.:wink:

First, we will enclose all the elements between … in a div element with a class attribute of “container”.

All the HTML elements you added in previous exercises should be inside the opening

the navbar h2
the navbar ul
the company heading h1
the tagline h3
the paragraph
the video
Make sure the closing

tag is at least one line below the closing tag.

Click Run. Notice that the elements have shifted in the web browser. We will fix this effect later on.

this may be obvious for other people, but i am stuck here :T

*between and

oh it wont let me type it

< body > and < / body >

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