How do I create HTML web pages?


I have enjoyed taking the courses on Codecademy and I want to create websites on my own to improve my HTML skills, but I don’t know how to begin. My understanding is still very basic. Should I download certain software, or can I use Microsoft Word? If so, how do I upload .html files to the internet via Chrome (and can that website be accessed by other users immediately?)? I wish I could create “practice” websites – perhaps there is an option for this?


i suppose technically you can microsoft office word, but i recommend you to choice something more suitable for coding like visual studio code or atom

with these editors, you can write html files and view them in the browser on your computer

for others to visit them, you will need to host them. You could start with github pages (which contains a how to), given its free.


Thank you, this is the information I needed!


Just editors to edit and try code? If so, use to help you out!

Some website builders that are commonly used from what I’ve seen is .

I hope this helps =)


These also look good! I appreciate that they’re free and have online communities (for help and inspiration). Thank you! :grin:


it is very easy to create a html web page nowadays… You can take help of


That is just a tutorial, but yes, you could learn how to code on it though Codecademy does offer a HTML Course for free.


Thank you to all who responded! For any one else asking the same question as me, check out the replies I got above and also look at this resource I came across today from MDN Web Docs.