How do I create a site folder for my Codebit?


I have not exactly started to make a site folder because I do not know how. I will be sending this code to a family member who has already bought a domain. However, I'm not sure if she can use multiple webpages. Therefore, I would like to know how to do this.


No code here! I have not started!

<h1> HELP! </h1>


In Codebits, you can't create additional files or folders.


So do I just make a new webpage


Do you mean a new Codebit?


Yes I do mean that. Will I need to make several individual CodeBits for the links in my original one?


Trying to make multiple Codebits work like a multipage site isn't going to be very satisfactory. Just try it with two and you will see what I mean.


So I can technically make only one webpage, and I will need to connect the CodeBits on a different service?


I don't have a very clear picture of what you mean by this.


I should just make a folder on your computer in which you make html and css files with a text-editor like notepad++. This allows you to make as many pages as you like


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