How do I create a link?

How do i create a link? Could someone please tell me?

[Text of link](

which results in Text of link

I can’t go to

It probably doesn’t even exist it was an example, but I’ll update the post.

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I don’t understand.:confused::confused:

Try it down here. Try typing this as a commen:

[Click this to visit Google](
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Click this to visit google

Thank you! So for every link you just put (http://website) ??

With the text in front of it, that is.
If you don’t want the text you can just put the link and it will automatically become a link. For instance:

will become

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How would I create a link to a lesson in code academy ??

You can go to the exercise, copy the url of the page, and paste it on the forum. To insert a (hyper)link on the forum, simple press ctrl + k, copy the url in the box shown, then add a description between the square brackets

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What is a url ???

This is a url:

every webpage has a unique url. is a url

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What is a URL?

**URL** stands for **U**niversal **R**esource **L**ocator. It is the address that you type into a URL box (top of the browser, where `http://....` is), that turns into an IP address (you don't see that), which then directs you to a web server which hosts the site which you can then view. Read more about URLs here.
Regarding your question about how to link to CC exercises: There is only one reason that anyone would need to link to an exercise and that is to show people, like me and stetim, which exercise they are on, so that we can review the instructions and _our_ code, not yours. I say this because we cannot see other people's code, so keep that in mind when posting links - you need to provide more information than just the URL.

Thank you!!!

@jibblyj @stetim94 Have you ever been to ??

Yes, i have. I did some javascript canvas drawing, rather interesting. why?

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I came from there to here. I prefer the way they teach at Codeacademy.