How do I create a custom domain for my HTML website

@zystvan I have just created a website and would like to know how to create a custom domain

Did you already find a place to host it?

The Deploy a Website course ( covers this topic, but Codecademy advises completing the following courses before starting it :

  1. Learn the Command Line
  2. Learn Git
  3. HTML and CSS (or Learn HTML & CSS : Part I)

There is also some great advice from @zystvan in his post, Hosting Your Site with GitHub Pages (

Alternatively, if you have a Codecademy Pro subscription, the final project of the HTML & CSS course has an excellent section on choosing a hosting service and domain name – the article suggests using GoDaddy’s Economy package ( If you take the annual option, you’ll get a free custom domain name. If you just want to have the site up for a few months, then they you can get a .com custom domain name very cheaply from GoDaddy as well.


how do I do that please

@mindful_coder seem to have given a good answer.

i would just use the static github pages or google for a different server. Don’t do the deploy website course, that is for ruby apps

You could however look into amazon aws hosting

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The course uses Jekyll (a Ruby gem), but you don’t need to know Ruby to use it, and the workflow is definitely not for Ruby applications, it’s for static websites. Don’t forget Jekyll is the engine behind GitHub Pages :slight_smile:

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is another good choice for hosting and custom domain name registration. You can get 12 months of free hosting, and I believe it’s about $12 to register the domain name.

okay, but i still found it confusing. Just using git directly was a lot easier, to push changes, but maybe because i am used to it