How do I contact advisors?


As the title says, I'm curious where the option is to get in touch with a live advisor? I only got Pro tonight and sat around for a couple hours waiting for some help in the forums, wishing I could speak to staff.


Hey Taylor,

We've had a few people wondering this before. Would you mind taking a look through this topic, especially the last few posts?
If you're using an adblocker, you'll need to disable it to see the chat. I've got a post showing how to whitelist a site using several different adblockers further down that thread :)


Thanks for the reply.

I'm using Adblock and after following your instructions I still see no option to speak to a live advisor. Even after fully disabling Adblock, nothing. Am I missing something?


There are actually a couple domains you might have to whitelist, I should've mentioned that before, sorry!

If you're using Firefox in private mode, the browser itself has built in adblocker, and that may be the problem.

What happens if you disable every single addon, not just the adblocking ones?


I'm running Chrome. If I disable all extensions, still nothing comes up. I went down that list and excluded every domain through AdBlock, though comes up with a 404 and comes up as nothing.


There's a whitelist option in adblock, is that the option you used when "excluding" domains?


I assumed that I was. The only option I see that references whitelisting says "Allow whitelisting of specific YouTube channels" with a checkbox.

Just to be sure, I went ahead and deleted AdBlock and got AdBlockPlus. Went through all the same steps as described above and still nothing.


How about running the capability view settings in Chrome?

Add all the sites that @zystvan stated and see if that works. I'm not sure why this process is proving so difficult


Can you explain what that is? When I google it only "compatibility view" comes up, but it doesn't tell me much.


Hmm. In the top right corner of your browser there should be some sort of options menu, it will look like a wrench. Go down to settings, and see if there's a compatibility view there. I have no idea what it actually looks like because I don't have Chrome on my computer at present. I'm only assuming this stuff and I hope this works.


Yeah, no luck there. Thanks though. Any more ideas @zystvan?


This is very weird :confused:. There may be something blocking the chat service on your internet, but that's unlikely.
Would you mind trying in a private/incognito window, or with a different browser entirely?


I tried going incognito in Chrome and using Firefox. Still not working. @zystvan


@crawlspace IE maybe?


@crawlspace Could you try going to the Intercom website and seeing if the chat there shows up? You don't have to talk with anyone on their team, I just want to see if you can see the chat on other websites.


I gave it a shot @amanuel2. It didn't change but now I feel icky all over.

@zystvan, the only thing I see on Intercom's site about chatting is to integrate a messenger into a website or app. Or am I, once again, missing something?

Just wanted to say, thank you for your help today everyone. I appreciate it.


Haha, at least Edge isn't that bad anymore though :)

My bad - I should've realized that you wouldn't know what to look for if you couldn't see it :facepalm:
Can you see the bit outlined in red in the lower-right corner in this image?

If you can't see it on other websites (such as that one ^), now that we've ruled out browser addons and behavior, I think your best bet would be to contact Intercom via email and ask them for help - I'm sure they'll be able to help you resolve issues with their product much better than us :)

No problem! I just hope we're able to help you get the problem fixed :)


Yeah I don't see it on their site either. This has been pretty frustrating. The live chat was the only reason I bothered going with Pro. I'll ask their staff for some input, but if it becomes a big issue I'll probably just refund. If it comes to that, where should I request it? I don't think I've ever used a service before that doesn't have a "Contact Us" page.


@crawlspace That's a pity that you're not able to use themain feature you signed up for :confused:
Codecademy does have a Contact page (or maybe they used to and it's gone now? I can't find it right now), but you'd cancel Pro from here:


Thanks @zystvan. One last thing, if I cancel will it automatically give me a refund?