How do i code outside of codeacademy

I am interested in coding a game using either python or javascript, how do i do that?

How you create games is a journey on its own and there are lots of tutorials out there for beginners.

To get your code running outside codecadamy:

For Javascript it is actually very easy since it runs in your browser. Here is a template code i useally use when testing Javascript code on this forum.

<!-- Any css you might wanna use. -->

<!-- Uncomment jquery if you want youre project to use jquery -->
<!-- <script src=""></script> -->
<!-- <div id="example"></div> -->

// Javascript

// define youre variables here
// let example = value;

(function() {
	// runs after the html document is loaded. Any code that refers html elements go's here.
	// let exampleElement = document.getElemenentById('example');


Simply save this as a .html file and you will be able to run it in your browser.
For a code editor i use notepad++ which is a very basic editor.
I think this is the most basic way to start coding in Javascript.

Python is not that easy but there is a lot of programs that help make it easier. I myself use anaconda for python which can create environments that makes sure you don’t have your python and other packages installed all over the place.
A good package to use with python to create python games is pygame.