How do I code a multi select filter for images?

Hey y’all!

I’m trying to create a filtering system similar to this using Elementor for Wordpress.

I believe I could create this using attributes in Elementor.

Does anyone have any suggestions of resources to check out to learn how to code something like this? Any advice? I understand the basics of Javascript & Jquery, but I’m a bit stumped on where to begin coding something like this.

It seems like it should be fairly simple if one knows what they are doing.

Hey - if you have Elementor Pro, the Portfolio widget works well for this scenario. It will take configuration and custom styling to look the same, but it has the functionality you are looking for built-in.

Each item would be a post, and the widget could show posts by category. Add the Filter Bar option, and you have basically what your example does!

Thank you for the suggestion! Do you happen to know if it supports multi-selecting like this example?

It looks fairly similar.

Excellent point! I just tested it, and it does not support multi-selecting. Short of coding your own Elementor Widget with PHP ( or finding one developed by someone else, I’m not sure how you would be able to access the posts with just Javascript.

Perhaps someone with more Wordpress development experience can help you :slight_smile:

Thank you! I only need to access photos, so thankfully something like jQuery should be enough. No need to access posts. :slight_smile:

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