How do I check how long do i have left of the pro subscription?

I signed up about a month ago when codecademy was offering free pro subscription to those who (probably?) have .edu mails, i loved the experience so far and i wanted to know how can i check how long do i have left of the pro subscription? Also, I have completed about 1/3rd of the web development career path, will i still be able to keep on completing that course even after my subscription expires or am i at least going to retain whatever progress (including all the course materials+exercises/lessons) i had made after the subscription expires?

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Hello @blog1362563847. Welcome to the forums!

My understanding is that after your PRO subscription expires, you can no longer access any of the code or material in the path.

cool . and any idea on how i check how long i’ve left of the pro subscription?

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Not really, sorry. You can check to see what type of subscription you are on, but as far as I know, that’s it. @alyssavigil, do you know if users can check how long left they have with their pro-sbscriptions?

Hi there, and welcome to the forums!

To answer your first point, I believe the Pro scholarships were for 90 days so if you can remember when you signed up you can work out when it will expire. I’ll look into whether there’s a way to check the “renewal” date and get back to you when I have a concrete answer.

@tera5288723178 is also correct about the Pro material; if your Pro subscription lapses, then you will lose access to all Pro content including courses and exercises you have previously completed. :slight_smile:

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