How do I change the font size within table cells?

I knew pretty much exactly where to put this. Tabbed over and added the font-size: 18px for th and td.

While this worked exactly as intended, the lesson insists it is wrong. So, I clicked on replace with solution and it was telling me to add the font size under lists.

It still worked. However, I’m wondering why it worked lol Also wondering why the lesson doesn’t insist it should go under th and td because as said before, it works as well.

I did this, and its says I’m wrong. what did I do wrong?

This also happened to me.

Click on “Reset Workspace” and then create a selector for th and a selector for td.

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Thank You, This Helps

It is 2024, 6 years since the post of this, I am a newbie trying to start a new career, and this page made literally zero sense to me. Along with any and all hints, solutions, etc.

So glad CodeAcademy takes these issues seriously.

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Yeah, I’m in full agreement with you. I’m getting the impression that the devs only added this in (At the very end of the lesson, might I add) to try and lure you into taking the CSS course too…

I noticed during this section is was asking me to change the font size to to 18px. When I put it in the correct position it said it was invalid. The solution was to change it to 16px? Not sure if I missed something here but any insight would be nice! Cheers!

Adding my agreement that it’s shocking that after so many years, Codecademy has still not updated this table exercise and jumps people taking the front-end career pathway straight onto navigating to a CSS sheet in the editor and adding a CSS declaration without any prior information or introduction to CSS.

I’m taking this career path as a fun refresher, but this is a confusing leap in the lessons for a beginner.

Codecademy needs to take notice of these comments!

The business model we’re presented with does not allow further investment in a product once it has been released. The course LE is in ‘set and forget mode’, as we used to call it in the sound reinforcement industry. There is zero retrospect in the current production scheme, as evidenced these many years, especially since 2015. Forget anything before that, it is plainly moot.

All that aside, it makes no sense pointing out the warts when the production crew has moved on. They are not coming back. Warts and all is the best form of acceptance we can adjust to. There is so much to learn, it can’t all be done here, so why bother criticizing what they have? It’s pointless. Take from it what you can and move on. Share your positive outcomes, and let the world see what is at offer for what it is. A static product that will never get repaired.

With respect, I paid for a Pro subscription and expect the courses to make sense and be in a meaningful order. It’s not much to ask for updates to a career pathway that is a) advertised as a perk of this subscription and b) one that is clearly still confusing new subscribers to the service.

If a company is willing to take my money, it should be willing to continue to improve its service, and this includes keeping courses and pathways up-to-date.

Thank you for your reply.

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Your money bought you access to the platform. If you cannot get your money’s worth from this place then it is your problem, not theirs. There is plenty on offer, here. Use the opportunity to get a step up in your education and make something from it. Set expectations aside, as pertain to anyone else but you.