How Do I Cancel Pro Trial?


I just signed up to codecademy but don’t want the 7 day free trial. I only want to use the free courses. How can I cancel my trial?


Use this link and then you can click pause my Subscription.

-Elias Escoto


I may have marked solved to soon. I don’t see “billing” anywhere. The link resolves to


Hello, and welcome to Codecademy!

Then don’t do the Pro courses. With the Pro trail, you won’t get any bills for it because the 7 days are free.


@trevorhodges I understand what you’re suggesting, but the problem is I don’t know what a pro course is and what a free course is. Where can I find details or a list of the free courses so that I can simply stick to those?


The content tends to have a PRO icon if it is typically only included in pro


To clarify my previous comment, if you go to the catalog page here you will see the items tagged as PRO


For example, the Python 3 course has a


banner on it.

Where it says

Intensive Programs

those are all Pro intensive courses. None under the Intensive section, and don’t have a yellow Pro banner are free.

I hope this helps =)