How do I calculate the age of customers once the date of birth and the date they signed up are provided?

Hi there, I need someone to help me with this Challenge on one of the Projects under Analyze Data with SQL - Writing Basic Queries - Extra Practices - RPA Customer Segmentation

They have provided the users’ date of birth and the date they signed up. And they said we should calculate the users’ age. It is a challenge so there is no hint. I need help from the community and SQL pros.

If you post your code we can hint you in the direction you need to go.
Or, you can search the forums as there are many posts about the very same question you posed.

Not huge on SQL but here’s a link that might be useful:

You can set local variables too so what I understand is:

SET @CurrentYear = 2023

Then potentially you can get it from that

Thanks @scriptcoder15687, but I am not sure the w3resource helped calculate the users’ age.