How do I bring back the command prompt ($)

Hi, I did some searching and can’t find this question already answered. So, occasionally I’ll type something wrong and the command prompt will disappear. I’ve tried just typing $ and then a space and then the command and that does not work. Other than refreshing and losing all my work, is there a way to bring it back?

depends on how you mess it up. If you forgot to close a string for example:

echo 'hello world

you will see a > on the next line. you can close the string, or send an interrupt signal (ctrl + c). Can also be a missing bracket, or something else.

then there are tools like less which require you to press q.

ideally you should include a screenshot when you have this problem

what operating system (OS) or command line/prompt are you using?


Windows, and the one in the Athletica project under Redirecting Input and Output. Anyways, ctrl+c worked for me, I had just really messed up a command, and hit enter, and the command prompt was just gone. Thanks for the help.

so within a codecademy lesson, so then the command line is very likely linux

No screenshot? Just gone is very vague. Wouldn’t it be nice to get the root cause of this?

Sorry, once I saw Ctrl+C worked I finished the task and moved on so a screenshot isn’t going to be doable. I basically had a brain spasm and forgot how to do a grep command and just entirely left out the filename, hit enter, and thus what I explained above.