How do I add the todays_date thing?

How do I add the todays_date thing in the Python Syntax: Variables lesson?? I tried everything and I can’t seem to get it.

what have you tried? Please share code

also share the url of the exercise/webpage for quick access by the helping side

could we get the snippet of your code

This is the exercise and I tried,

print  "todays_date" 
print todays_date 
todays_date = "June 2, 2018"

None of which worked

todays_date = "June 2, 2018" should work, if its at least separated from the other attempts. Given print todays_date would produce an error (assuming you haven’t defined the variable)

It should pop up on the right screen, correct??

not in order to pass the exercise, no. The exercise only wants us to declare (technically variables are named in python, not declared) the variable. If you also want to print the value of the variable, that is fine, but then you have to do things in the right order

Oh okay that makes a lot more sense. Thank you!