How do i add new images?


Okay, so I am on the step where you can(option, obviously) add images like the moon and other planets. What is the name of the site used for these types of images?PLEASE HELP!!!!


You can just find a image of the moon somewhere on the web, and use this image. For all i know, you could take a image of the moon yourself tonight, upload it, and use it


Hey Taskmaster365,

I had the same issue before.

You can look for some png file about planet icons.

I propose you this link for some planet icons :

You can reply on my answer if you want to know how to make them rotate around sun.

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Excellent webiste man. I reccomend this answer


Here's what you need to do:
1. Enter the control panel
2. Find the image URL of the object you want to change
3. Select the URL of the image you don't want
4. Delete it.
5. Browse the internet for the image you like
6. Right click on it (on Mac, use two fingers on a track-pad) then press 'Copy Image Address' or 'Copy URL'.
7. Go back to the code, then place the new URL in the object you want to change in the image tag.
8. Run the program, and observe your art!


Tip. png. files will NOT be accepted. Only image URL's.