How do I add function to html/css?

So, as I continued to think about making my own website, I wondered, how would I make my site interactive? How would I add a chatbox like the one I’m using right now? Because, so far in html/css(part 1) I haven’t come across anything that might make my site more interactive, will that come later on, or in the next html/css course? (I noticed their are two courses for html/css.)

@quantumtechnologys You’ll need JavaScript to make your site interactive, so that when a user clicks a button a menu appears, or whatever else you want to make happen. And if you’re storing posts like these, you’ll need a database. I like Ruby on Rails for stuff like that, but Python, PHP, and Ruby by itself can all interact with databases as well. Codecademy has some courses on SQL for database stuff :slight_smile:

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Well how do I integrate javascript? Will that be explained in future lessons?

@quantumtechnologys The Learn JS course should cover that :slight_smile:

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Something to keep in mind…

Before introducing interaction and behavior models, ask yourself if what you wish to do can be done with CSS. Chances are it can be, meaning there is no need to add the overhead of scripting for that behavior.

The reason I stress CSS is that it is not likely a browser will disable style sheets, but there is the chance a browser may be set to disallow scripting. We can free the user of the burden of deciding whether or not to trust our site if we make script behaviors trivial, not essential. Our page should still render and function without script. Definitely take a serious look at CSS and learn its capabilities.

This is a site that is up to date on all things, CSS.

Some other CSS essentials:

The latter is a demonstration site where all the pages have nearly identical HTML and content. Some really amazing work done mostly by professional designers. They show that the sky is the limit.

Modern CSS is so incredibly robust. Animations, transitions, transformations, drop down and fly out menus, and the list goes on.