How do I add a variable to a string in len's slice?

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It may seem really simple to others, but I’m having a hard time in step 5 because I’m trying to figure out how to add a variable inside of a string, the variable is num_pizzas and the one attached to it is len(toppings) and I’m trying to print out “We sell 7 different kinds of pizza!”, but it comes out as “We sell [num_pizzas] different kinds of pizzas”, and I used the hint from step five but I still don’t know what to do. Thank you!

Please provide your formatted code.

The idea is put the number in num_pizzas into the string (by using + or string formatting)

"We sell " + str(num_pizzas) + " different kinds of pizza!"


"We sell {} different kinds of pizza!".format(num_pizzas)


"We sell %d different kinds of pizza!" % num_pizzas  # num_pizzas is an integer

However, if you only want to print it to the console/screen, you could do

print("We sell", num_pizzas, "different kinds of pizza!")

in Python 3.