How do i add a row heading?

im practicing tables and am trying to move the birthday cell to the left 1 cell. how do i do that?

<meta charset="UTF-8">

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<title>HTML Tables</title>
<h1>Birthday Tables</h1>




            <th>James T.</th>

            <th>Tonya J.</th>

            <th>Derek R.</th>





            <th rowspan="2">Birthday</th>








so i added a blank th before the others. is that the right way?

There is a few things to notice.

  1. You are using <th> for all of your table elements. You should use <th> for the header elements and switch to <td> for the rest.

  2. When you say you want to “move the birthday cell to the left 1 cell” do you mean like this?:

because then yes, you want to have 4 columns, meaning 4 <td> per row.

Great Thanks a bunch