How do I access more courses?

I am new to this website and forums. So I am sorry if this is in the wrong section.

I have been trying to find different resources to use when I am more comfortable in a language. I was looking for HTML5 and CSS3 info, but couldn’t find it in the category or language tab. I did, however, find someone with a similar question who found the courses, but I am unsure how they found them. I am unable to find a way to save them to my course list. So I need help figuring that out. HTML5 CSS3

I also found a git course(via google), which I was able to add to my course list, but I wondering what other courses I might be missing, or if there is a particular reason why I can not see them.

Any help in understanding this situation is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Have you seen the new catalog?

On occasion there may be new material or really small courses/workshops available an example of that would be Hour of Code on this webpage here

Aside from this you can try codecademy pro for a deep-dive in each subject and curated projects to bolster your portfolio