How do getters relate to privacy?



How do getters relate to privacy?


Getters can be seen as a support for our privately set properties (using _ in front to let other developers know that its value should not be directly modified). A getter provides the binding between an object’s property and a function to indirectly retrieve the properties value. This way we can add one more layer of protection to that property, for example:

const robot = {
  _model: '1E78V2',
  get model () {
      return this._model;
    } else {
      return 'This is not a bot';

// in this case we have a getter that returns only the value of _model
// if we console log it:

console.log(robot.model);  // it will give us 1E78V2

//if we decide to change the value:

robot.model = "y43h3"; 

// it will not recognize the changes and the getter will return the set value from robot._model:

console.log(robot.model); // 1E78V2

As you can see a getter only allows retrieval of the value without directly calling the property of the object.


The private variables are not actually private, just given the special bindings mentioned above. They are still publicly accessible. For all instances when the variable is polled, it should go through the getter or setter as a safety precaution.