How do classes help us?


How do classes help us?

name is getting printed but error is - make sure you created a person called me.
My code...

// make a person called me with your name and age
// then use printPersonName to print your name
function me(name,age){;
var printPersonName = function(me){
var me = new me("Mehul Jain",20);

Replace this line with your code.



How do classes help us?

As in JS classes or this class? In what context?

A link to the lesson would help but iirc you are supposed to make me using the Person Class Object constructor.


I believe this is in reference to this lesson:

The instructions don't ask you to recreate the Person class and printPersonName as "Me", only to create a Person (using the constructor) called me to add yourself into the mix.

var me = new Person("Mehul Jain",20);

Hopefully, that should work.


@jocegonz Thanks, I checked after I posted, too. But I wouldn't've had to if OP included a link :wink: