How did you learn Python?

I’m taking the codeacademy Python course but I feel like I’m only learning to rely on the hints and solution button because the challenges are making huge leaps.

Is this “normal”? Does anyone have any alternative course suggestions?

I would say that freecodeacademy on Youtube and their website is a fantastic place to go after you finish the python related classes here. It really builds on the basic concepts that you learn here and explains them in very simple terms. With all languages, it just takes time and the only way forward is to keep trying even if that means making mistakes along the way. GOOD LUCK!

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Hi @cssace22059

Are you taking the Python 2 (free) or Python 3 (Pro) course?

I’ve done the Python 2 course, but I didn’t find the learning curve to be too severe. If you’re struggling with the lessons, you can ask about them here in the forums and we’ll try our best to help you understand the material.

The projects, quizzes and challenges (which are Pro only) are meant to be a bit more challenging - they’re a test of whether you can take what you learned in the lesson and apply it to a specific scenario.

As with most things, though, repetition and time are two important factors in learning how to work with Python. :slight_smile:


Hey Sheldon, I learned alot by Combining the Python3 Course with Youtube.
And creating my own personal Projects… How ?
Well think off everyday simple concepts and try to remake them.
I work at a place where we have a badge System that registers Time,Name & gives a greeting…
This was the first small project i made in Python, later i extended it with a full dictionary of the people at my work and their numbers, now i have a small Badge-Game , They all love it & i learned alot.
Anyway if you need more help or tips and tricks we are here for you. Happy Coding!


Good idea - I am trying to do this. I want to create a network visualisation of the relationships between our systems at work. I learn by example so I have been trying to find resources which show an example I can adapt but the resources have been for older Python or I can’t get them to work but Python errors are a lesson in themselves so I don’t know how I am going wrong :slight_smile: