How Coding Changed a "Blonde" Asian's Life

Hi there!
Many of you fellow users on here know me as “infinitycoder14”. But for some other people, I’m known as that “Asian girl who acts blonde, but is in love with her tech” That statement is 100% true… hahaha :smiley:
I’m the prime example that you absolutely don’t have to be the typical stereotype of a “computer programmer” who sits in their room all day, curtains closed, and with a dozen empty Mountain Dew bottles.
Instead, when I’m not programming something pretty awesome in my favorite coding languages, I am shopping with my friends, drinking over-priced coffee, and running outside.
Anyways, I decided to get started with programming when I was 10 years old. My younger sister, who’s extremely intelligent btw, started playing around with the “Intro to JS” course on Khan Academy. I thought it was literally the coolest thing ever that she was just typing random words and numbers to make objects appear on a computer screen! That inspired me, so I copied her and decided to complete that crash course on my own. It took me awhile, but I managed to complete all the coding courses on that website later on in my life.
At 13-14 years old, my mom introduced me to this amazing website!!! It changed my life and I love it. It’s definitely was a blessing and helped me through the frustrating, depressing, shocking, and relieving moments whilst coding. I fell in love with programming after completely my first course on here, Ruby.
After completing most of the API’s, core languages, and web development courses, I decided to work on my own projects with different IDE’s and text editor environments. Mainly using Java and Python.
My advice to anybody starting out to computer program would be to never give up, set daily goals (complete lessons 1-3 on HTML) for yourself, and always know there’s a Stackoverflow solution for that problem! Lol, highly recommend that awesome website for your coding frustrations. It’s my go-to. :wink:
When I am finished with college, I plan to pursue a career as a full-stack engineer or a software engineer who primarily works in Java and back-end technologies with a framework called ReactJS.
Thank you so much to anybody who is reading this right now, it’s highly appreciated! Also, special thanks to Codecademy! @zsims Without your incredible website, I would be nowhere near the level of greatness I’ve achieved today.
And I really hope that everyone will get inspired by my story and will soon learn that coding is the most inclusive thing in the world.
Have a great day :sunny:

  1. How and why did you get started with coding?
  2. What were your goals when starting to code and how did you keep motivated?
  3. What was the most challenging part of learning how to code, and how did you rise above those challenges?
  4. Which resources would you recommend to folks just starting out?
  5. How did you start creating your own projects?
  6. What advice would you have for folks who are just starting out or thinking of getting started?
  7. How did you get to where you are now? What did you do after Codecademy?
  8. Which steps would you recommend for folks who want to find jobs after Codecademy?
  9. (if applicable) How did you feel about switching your career, and what can you say to others who want to make such a change?

Thank you for sharing your story, @infinitycoder14! Would you share some of your projects with us too?


No, thank you!!! Without Codecademy, I definitely would not have the strong passion for computer programming that I have now.
And I’d love to, how am I able to share my projects with you guys? :smiley: