How Codecademy Can Improve

Though I understand their can be limitations and advantages to this website their is a few things it can improve that I would LOVE if they added

A). When Typing in ', ", (, [, or { it would be nice for the program to add another one right after it so you don’t have to (It’s common in most programs).

B). Though this wouldn’t be recomanded for everything in this website a bar suggesting what you are trying to say would be nice (Ex. I type in Co in JavaScript and it gives me a suggestion that I am trying to type in ‘console.log’ and other codes.)

C). Add Android Development. It will be HUGELY popular because many want to learn how to use Android studios and may be willing to pay money to learn it.

D). Tutorials on how to make certain programs like maybe a… XP system, Randomly generated maps, hit point system. (This would be nice for people who want to go towards the Video Game industry in programming).

I don’t know if this are even possible on this website or to hard for the developers but if they happen that would be amazing.

i am not going through all points, but you can vote for new courses here. Codecademy is adding a lot of course lately, and quickly. We will see what is next.

A and B: They’ve been brought up once or twice before (a long time ago, I think), and if they do that, I think it should definitely be disabled by default, but enableable in the settings. The reason for that being that a lot of users forget to close their stuff without help, and they need to learn to do it, or they’ll run into real trouble once they get an editor that doesn’t do that :slight_smile:

C: That’s a good course idea, like @stetim94 said, you can vote for it over on the Course Poll topic. Codecademy does have a Java course, which would probably be a helpful first step :slight_smile:

D: I think that the loosely guided projects you get with Pro seem to be similar (not quite the same) to what you’re thinking :slight_smile: