How close should I stick to my course's content? (Frontend-Engineer)

Hi guys,

this might sound silly but I keep guessing if I am to “loose” with my course content and get lost too much in “semi-professional” projects. So I am at 10% of the Front-End Engineer pathr right now and only learned about HTML / CSS. I keep going for the course content but most of the time right now I am already trying to rebuild the interface of web pages as close as I can and looking up different tricks and advanced knowledge online.

Would you recommend going on with this or am I skipping course content? Point is: I am using code and e.g. properties I don’t really know, not having a clue why and how they are exactly working (but they are seemingly!).

Better have the courses first or go on “freestyling”? Has anyone furher exprience?

Best regards and thanks! <3

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Hi there
Practice is great and really important. But since you are at the very beginning of your path, I would recommend you to combine both. Try working out a schedule, so you can do the course regularly (I used to do it 5-6 days a week for at least an hour). This way you will be progressing with the path and will get more understanding of how things work. You will get theoretical knowledge that you will be able to apply in practice while “freestyling”.

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Hi @janetrish

thanks a lot for the orientation. :slight_smile: Then I’ll try my best to mix both. Just because I’m curious: in which did you do this 5-6 days schedule?

I’m working full-time and doing the course additionally. Of course this is always an individual topic but it would be nice to hear, how other people “balance” it. :slight_smile:

Anyway: Thank you!

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I started with the front-end path but later covered the full stack one as well. My work schedule is more flexible, sometimes I could do the course during the day. But most of the time I did it in the evening, after work, too. From the beginning I decided to spend on the course at least 1 hour a day 5-6 days a week, so I could finish it in a year and not renew my PRO subscription. That was really motivating :slight_smile:
Of course, there were days when I was busy or didn’t feel like doing anything, then I would spend maybe just 15 min on the course or would pick a very short and easy module. The way I see it, a slow progress is better than no progress :slight_smile:
Hope, it helps
Good luck with your studies!