How can you indent multiple lines all at once?

Following the principles of white-spacing and indenting, if I needed to wrap multiple already written lines in a new tag/element, how do I add additional indentation to all those lines simultaneously?

This is very late, but for anyone who comes across this: You can indent multiple things by selecting everything you want to indent, and then press [Tab].

(this is also the reason i prefer always using [Tab] instead of [spacebar] for indenting)


That’s really helpful, thanks!

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Great tip. I had the problem when I copied an example to my existing text but could not indent them to fit in at once. This tip is good. Thanks.

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Oh man…
What a helpful tip!!

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wow, exactly what I needed
thank you

Thanks for this awesome tip.

I discovered this today before we got to this question, mostly because I didn’t want to tab each row individually. By trial I selected all the rows and hit tab and Wahlah!

If you prefer using [spacebar] to indent your code rather than using [tab], you can select multiple lines by holding the [alt] key and clicking on the beginning of each line you want to indent. Then, you can press [spacebar] and all the selected lines will be affected.


select the lines you want to indent and press ‘tab’ for forward indent and ‘shift+tab’ for backward indent

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omg it moves! thank you!