How can we reference the right index if all our lists are seperate?

Syntax errors suggest a mistake or something added to/or missing from the code? Have you checked that things like parentheses are properly closed?

Did you spot your error (omission) yet?

Oh now I see it. What a silly mistake. Thank you both!

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I don´t know if this is quite right but it brought out the solution for step 10:

titles = []
poets = []
dates = []
for element in highlighted_poems_details:

for title in titles:
  for poet in poets:
    for date in dates:
      sentence = "The poem {} was published by {} in {}".format(title, poet, date)

That’s a lot of looping and a tonne of output. It should be a single loop that uses the index, not the value.

for i in range(len(titles)):

Since the three lists correspond at the same index, we can poll all three lists using i.