How can I use these commands on a Windows computer?

I’ll suggest those who’re about to develop in C# or primarily use Windows to use Powershell.
Certain BASH commands don’t have alias equivalents in powershell, however alternatives for the same task exist on sites like stackoverflow, or are a small web search away.

Hi @stetim94 I Have a question, If I want to become a full stack developer but I just have Windows base system. What do you recommend? GitBash? or WSL? or Cygwin? What’s the best option and…Can I do any coding with this ‘subsystem’? Which are the implications?..

Thank you!

You can develop fine on windows, if i had to use c# and .net I might even prefer windows

I think WSL (but no experience with it), and in the linux subsystem you can install git

or you could use a virtual box/virtual machine or even dual boot. So many options, but not a must. Like i said, you can also work on windows.

Thank you so much! you solve my doubt. Actually I already started with SQL, but I want to get more into Phyton as demand goes up… in that case, which of the POSIX for Windows would you recommend if I want the “FULL PACK” and more ‘environmental supportive’? Thank you @stetim94

Take your time, don’t rush. Try things, learn that way. If you fail, that is okay, you will learn from it.

Cygwin and Windows power shell are two commandline applications that run on windows. My stronger preference is the Windows Power Shell, easy to use and set up and you can run all these commands taught here on it with straight results. I use it on my windows machine.

windows power shell is great. you can use it. i use it too. Cygwin is another …but i prefer windows power shell.

Exactly the questions ciculating in my mind.


Are you saying that for learning this bash course here, that you can use PowerShell for your practice, just as you’re practicing here on CC?


Are you saying that it’s better to use PowerShell if you’re working on Windows and use Bash, if you’re working on Linux?

Windows supports ways to run bash, Microsoft even collaborated with ubuntu to make WLS (windows linux subsystem). So, you can use that for practice

but powershell and bash are very different. So use what suits you

Does this mean you can now use PowerShell to fully administer or manage a Linux system or Server?

In what does my answer that imply that? Linux and windows are very different operating systems, each with there own kernel and shell(s).

If you have a Linux server, can you use PowerShell to access or manage it, instead of Bash?

I can’t say with absolute certainly that what you ask is impossible, but its not a common approach. Linux and windows have very different kernels and shells, getting powershell on Linux would involve an awful lot of work.


Okay! Now I get your point.

I was only wondering, if a Windows system is connected to the same network that a Linux Server is connected to, whether you can simply call up PowerShell from the Windows system and then login to the Linux Server to perform your operations as you normally would from the Bash of the Linux Server.

Depends on what protocol you use to communicate withe the Linux server, but surely there are options to run a powershell script to trigger something on a Linux server.

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