How can I use name and value attribute?

So I’m little bit confused at use of name and value attribute.
I don’t think it’s clear but I understand “name” as actual name of information of input.
But I have no clue about the use of value attribute because some input field use it and some don’t.
So I need anyone to explain what they are doing and how they are used.
What input fields need it and what does not?
And is there specific input fields that “require” name or value attribute?

Also, they are used in case when the information is submitted, so the input filed will created even if I don’t use them right?

I know my question is bit confusing and abstract… Sorry for that ;(

The name attribute is used when handling the form data, and is useful when grouping radio buttons together. Essentially, value provides an initial value, and can be used when handling the form as well. Here is an article on value.