How can I upload or connect a video in my html?

I add this section in my html work but it doesnt allow me to upload to github because of it is heavy. So I want to know how can I connect a video in html.

I guess, as a video from youtube or sort of like that.

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I’m going to be honest, it’s extremely easy. Just depends on where you are getting the video from. If it is from your pc or online then that is no problem but if it is something like Youtube then you might want to consider watching a tutorial video on it. I can technically explain it to you because I know how to do it, but there is no point if the videos explain it.


How to Embed Video to HTML Document - YouTube ( 2 minute video)

16: How to Create HTML5 Videos and Embed Videos | Learn HTML and CSS | HTML Tutorial | Basics of CSS - YouTube (20 minute video)

Hope this helped, it’s a simple problem. You’ll get there bud, good luck on your website.

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Thanks so much! that helped a lot! And yes, it was really easy.

Yup, good thing you figured it out. Good luck bro, you got this; Don’t give up!