How can I show a preselected option in datalist textbox?


I’m new to this and this is my first question. I am working on adding some tweaks to my code for the “forms” freeform project in the Intro to HTML course. I have a datalist with a drop-down list of quote options to choose from, or you may type your own a the textbox. Can I show one of the options as a default in the textbox? Or, display some sample text in the box? Here’s my code so far:

<label for='quote'>Motivational Quote</label> 
<input id='quote' name='quote' type='text' required list='quote-choices'></input>
<datalist id='quote-choices'>              
  <option value='i am the best!'></option>
  <option value="nobody's smart but me!"></option>
  <option value='some inspirational quote'></option>         

Your feedback is appreciated.