How can I share my projects online?

I have created a web app using python and flask for my high school
Here it the repository of it:

Usually, we show our projects to the school authorities by installing them on the school’s local workstation. But, that is not something possible when we are dealing with a pandemic so I have to show it to them in some other ways.

I have used glitch but the thing wrong with it is that it won’t work till the user is online and I want the site to be always active. I also thought of using Heroku but that would be too much for a school project. Therefore, I would like to get suggestions from the community about what platform shall I use in order to show my project.

I believe Glitch has a paid option of $8/month to keep your apps always awake. Can you afford that?

You could use ping services to keep it running. Unfortunately, Glitch got smart and blocked all these kind of pinging services. However, I think you could use and that one does allow pinging robots to work? Might be worth a look. I found this discussion about it is not a bad option but I am struggling to set up the HTTP server. Also, I didn’t find anything useful in the forums.

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